The Shedding Before the Swell 

Next to Everything that is Breakable

Published Poems & Essays:

“Distortion”  The Blue Route. 2008.

“Precipitation of Thought”  Scrawl. 2009.

“Current”  Scrawl. 2010.

“The Mark I Left” Longridge Review. January 2016.

“Salt” Construction Magazine. February 2016.

“Tuesday at Baum Grove”  Pittsburgh Poetry Review, Issue Two. March 2016.

“All Safeties Off”  Pittsburgh City Paper. May 2016.

Two pieces  Thought Catalog. August 2016.

Three pieces Odyssey Online. September 2016.

“Saved,” “Formula”  Voices from the Attic Vol. XXII/Carlow University Press. October 2016.

“Truth be Told, It’s Inevitable”  One Sentence Poems. January 2017.

“If You’re Asking Why I’m Leaving”  Pittsburgh Poetry Review, Issue Five. February 2017.

“French Creek Water Trail,” “Gallery,” “Home,” “Passport”  VerseWrights. February 2017.

“Made With Love,” “Last Night Awake in Bed,” “Say It” Eunoia Review. March 2017.

“Beating” Moledro Magazine. March 2017.

“Spring Beast,” “Sex in the Bedroom of a Childhood Home” Rat’s Ass Review. April 2017.

“72 Hours in the Windy City” Allegory Ridge. April 2017.

“Portrait of Your Grandfather, Dying”  Uppagus. May 2017.

“Mathematics” Rune. May 2017.

“Remember When”  Amaryllis. May 2017.

“They Told Me” Coldnoon. June 2017.

“The Foundation,” “Afterbirth,”  “Burning,” “Road Maps,” “Oceans of Her Own”  Avatar Review.  July 2017.

“Sixteen” Broad River Review. August 2017.

“Touched by Cusco,” Pink Pangea September 2017.

“Picking Pennies,” “Siempre” Sigma Tau Delta Alumni Epsilon Journal. Fall 2017.

“How,” “The Thick of It” Voices from the Attic Vol. XXIII/Carlow University Press. Fall 2017.

“Gauging Time” Fearsome Critters: A Millennial Arts Journal. April 2018.

“Confessions from Hwy 76,” “Giving Up These Ghosts” “Rescue” Cabildo Quarterly. April 2018.

“Splitting the Family Tree,” “A Lesson in Direction” The Laurel Review. 2018.

“Sending My Brother the Sky” Ink in Thirds. 2018.

“Road Maps” (Reprinted) Pittsburgh Poetry Houses. 2018.

“Before the Swell” After Happy Hour Review. 2018.



March 2016- 1st Place in Creative Paper (Poetry) for Alumni at the Sigma Tau Delta International English Convention

March 2017- 1st Place in Creative Paper (Poetry) & Honorable Mention for Creative Paper (Poetry) on the Common Reader Theme for Alumni at the Sigma Tau Delta International English Convention

August 2017- Shortlisted for the 2017 I Must Be Off! Travel Writing Award

September 2017- Finalist, Enchanted Travels Travel Writing Award

March 2018- 2nd Place in Creative Paper (Poetry) at the Sigma Tau Delta International English Convention



The Madwomen in the Attic